CP Builders of Central Kentucky, started in 2018, provided trusted construction high quality homes. Partners, BJ Chambers and Peydon Pelphrey have 35+ years of combined experience in residential construction. They are on the job from start to finish, with handpicked contractors, overseeing all aspects of the building process, from footer to final inspection.

They build homes that instill confidence and price in our customers.  You can tell the difference when you walk in a CP Builders’ home. The craftsmanship speaks for itself. As a local building inspection commented, “You build one of the best homes in Richmond.

Or as we say, “Perfection is barely good enough.”


CP Builders is a local hometown builder whose mission is to build homes that we with our families would feel confident and proud to live in ourselves. Our focus with each home we build is attention to detail and quality craftmanship.

We build custom or spec quality homes from mid-range to luxury homes on your lot in Central Kentucky, including Richmond KY, Winchester Ky, Lexington KY and the surrounding counties.


  • Central KY
  • Lexington KY
  • Richmond KY
  • Winchester KY
  • Berea KY
  • & surrounding counties


  • Attention to Detail
  • Quality Craftmanship
  • Grade A & Highest Quality Materials
  • Energy Star Rated Homes
  • HERS Certified Homes
  • Onsite Management from Footer to Final Inspection

Our Building Process

From every step of the construction phase, CP Builders is there onsite from start to finish.  From meeting with our clients at the pre-construction meeting to during the construction process from footer to final inspection, Peydon and BJ will be on the job managing your project and overseeing all phases of construction by a handpicked, vetted team of contractors.

With our hands-on approach, we are consistently supervising all aspects of construction: time, budget, quality materials and skilled labor, to ensure the project is of the highest quality, within the set budget and meeting established time constraints.

Planning & Design

Whether you have a clear idea of your new home’s design or need professional input, we will walk you through the process of either building a spec home or fully custom home. We listen and work closely with our clients to make their dreams a reality. At the pre-construction meeting, we will go over your plans, source of materials, and style choices including kitchen/bathroom cabinets, tile, vanities, custom trim packages, floor choices, and paint colors.

Site Preparation

After our pre-construction meeting, we will walk and inspect your lot, so we can determine placement of the home for the best use of your land. We will attain building permits and zoning restrictions for our clients. Once the plans are set and approved, we will begin clearing the log, digging trenches, and install underground utilities.

Foundation & Framing

The next step is pouring your foundation, of quality poured concrete, for your slab foundation, crawl space or full basement, and apply waterproofing material. We insist on grade A lumber for our framing of floor joists, subfloors, studs and roof trusses.

HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing

After the framing is complete, the home begins to take shape so the next step is to add utilities so the plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems are installed, which is overseen by CP Builders and then inspected by a local or city inspector for the safety and efficiency of your home.

Interior & Exterior Finishes

Exterior is finished with moisture wrap, walls, windows, doors, roof shingles, siding, stone and brick. Then interior finishes include drywall, trim, interior doors, baseboards, window sills, stair balusters, kitchen and bathroom counters, vanities, painting and flooring installation. This is where the design and your personal style come together.

Porch, Patio & Landscaping

We realize how important the outdoor living space of your home is to you and your family, so we ensure quality and style flows from inside out to your porch, covered patio, and landscaping, so your home is move-in ready and ready to enjoy. The last steps include final inspection by the local or city Building Inspector, and a final walkthrough with you and the CP Builders team.

Our Partners

BJ Chambers

Partner & Builder

BJ was born and raised in Richmond KY, and proud to be a Richmond resident his entire life and is now raising his family there.  Construction is in his blood, as he learned about building and remodeling homes from his grandfather, who owned and managed rental homes and apartments in the area.  After BJ graduated, he began working with Hager Building for nearly ten years, learning and managing all aspects of residential building projects from excavation to framing to final inspection.  Some of the local projects he constructed with the Hager Building team are the Battlefield subdivision as well as other apartment complexes.  After 20 years in the construction business, BJ was recruited to work with Peydon’s other business, Mortgage Suppliers, where he’s worked for over 12 years.

In 2018, Peydon and BJ were inspired to combine their unique building experience and start a home building business. Their inspiration was fueled of years of financing homes that were of inferior quality, budget materials, cookie-cutter designs and workmanship that was more focused on meeting time restraints than quality craftsmanship.  BJ is married with two daughters, living happily is his custom built home in Richmond KY.

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Peydon Pelphrey

Partner, Builder

Peydon was born and raised in Paintsville KY, where building was in his blood.  His family has been involved in all types of residential services.  Peydon’s father built quality homes in Eastern Kentucky for over 50 years.  His wife owns a title company.  Peydon owns and runs Mortgage Suppliers for over 20 years, which started with just one employee to the thriving business it is today with over 20 employees.

Peydon became a home builder under the apprenticeship of his father, as he was involved with all phases of construction of residential and commercial projects. Under his father’s tutelage, he realized the importance of attention to detail and quality craftsmanship when it comes to building a home that stands the test of time, and instills pride in his clients.  Peydon moved to Lexington KY in 1989, where he resides with his wife and daughter.

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BJ and Peydon have 35+ years of combined experience in building quality homes for our ourselves, as well as our friends and neighbors in Central Kentucky.  With our focus on attention to detail, quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, we are confident you’ll fall in love with your new home.  Contact us today!
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