Gary, Shelley & Ambria Anderson
Richmond KY

“CP Builders did an excellent job building our dream home. To say that we are happy with our home would be an understatement. BJ and his crew completed our very energy efficient home in a timely fashion, while still providing top-notch quality. BJ was very patient and helpful during the process; and as a result,…

Ron & Sharon Francis
Richmond KY

“After selling our home, my wife and I wanted to downsize and build our custom home to fit our needs. We talked to 3 builders and CP Builders were the one we chose.CP Builders knowledge, their attention to detail and pricing is what stood out from the other builders.” Page Views: 0

Brian & Chastity Moore
Richmond KY

“We couldn’t be happier with our home from CP Builders. BJ and his team do quality work from start to finish. Planning what we wanting our forever home to look like took a lot of planning and time and BJ was very good at helping out when we had questions and needed input. We would highly recommend CP Builders to anyone looking to build their dream home.”
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Judy Donovan
Richmond KY

“Great builder! They built our home 4 yrs ago and did an outstanding job.” Page Views: 0

Tommy Oliver
Conway KY

“It was a very professional experience and they provide quality construction.” Page Views: 0

Mitzy Kelley
Richmond KY

“They build each and every home as if they were building for themselves, they are great builders.” Page Views: 0

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